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Playing with fire...Nadja Lee's livejournal

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24th December 2009

6:47pm: Merry Christmas and happy new year
Merry Christmas and happy new year to you all.

I am so sorry I have disappeared off the face of the planet but RL has been really stressed lately. I will try and return next year but I am not sure whether or not it is possible as work will become more demanding.

Hugs to you all and I hope everything is going well :)
Current Mood: happy

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2nd November 2009

11:52am: What I am doing right now...
Right now is I am working from a high end bar in Hong Kong (just to be around people and not for the drinks as I was starting to feel pretty isolated in my room). The singer sound very beautiful and as working goes this is pretty ok. It is lonely traveling on buissiness and not as fun as you thinks when you're younger. ;(

In other news; as you have noticed then I have disappeared off the face of the planet. That will likely continue for some time as work is pretty hectic. Because of this my private mail will also be bouncing insanely as I haven't checked it in several months. Please mail me on my gmail; that one I do check. Also because of RL all fanfics are currently on hold. Doesn't RL just suck? ;(

For the romantics out there who kindly commented on my last post; things are going great for us and we are very much in love. Cross your fingers for us. :)
Current Mood: working

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13th June 2009

3:04pm: I fear I'm falling in love...
So I've met someone and he's very sweet and good to me. But he doesn't want to move things too fast and we're not dating (he made that very clear). Still, we're enjoying our time together.

Now I'm just afraid I'm starting to fall for him. It's not bad pro say but he is clearly not there yet and may never develop any such feelings. Also, I got pretty hurt last time - I am not sure I can go through that again.

Yet.... if this isn't worth taking a chance for what is? I'm so confused right now - somewhere between scared and fearful and really happy.
Current Mood: contemplative

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20th May 2009

10:42am: How to survive a one week course - advice from one who has been there
You are stuck in the middle of nowhere for a full week course. The program is from 8.30-19.30. The chairs are torture devices, there is no internet and you're bored out of your mind. What do you do?
1. Always - ALWAYS - bring your laptop to the lectures/presentations!
2. Get internet somehow; checking e-mails and surfing will save you! (be careful of wandering lecturers - those who speak while walking around in the room)
3. Hell with it; choose some strategic times (right before or after lunch are always good) and slip out to go explore the nearby town.
4. Work on that fanfic you always wanted to finish (again; be careful of wandering lecturers and fellow participants - in particular when working on a steamy scene from a slash fic!)
5. Watch some of the song vids you've downloaded to your PC; sure it has to be without sound but hey - it's something moving before your eyes which may prevent you from falling asleep
6. Work on the many work tasks you have; be aware this is normally difficult because the talking around you (remember that lecturer in the room?) are distracting
7. Consider replacing the water bottle with a vodka bottle; it is sure to make things seem more lively!
8. Look around the room, close your eyes and then open them again - see if you can remember all the objects, their placement and form by heart.
9. Sleep with your eyes open. This is in the words of a fellow participant 'an art form'.
10. Rediscover your talent (and passion) for hangman, tic tac toe and other silent games with the people sitting next to you.

Follow these steps and you may survive. If not be sure you have friended some of the participants so they can either save you from 'ritual suicide' or join you (in the words of another fellow participant). Most of all; look forth to the day where you are free to do what you want - which will include torturing others in the same way you've been! Yes! Revenge! ;)
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7th May 2009

10:01pm: Sentinel slash collection: Collected Sentinel vol. 1
This is a collection of all new short stories set in the Sentinel universe. Lots of angst, mystic, romance and love.

This zine collects some of my Sentinel stories and is titled "Collected Sentinel"; everything herein is by me (Nadja Lee). Digest sized, 256 pages. Cover and interior art by Lady Amarra.

Titles include: Speaking in Unspoken Words, Child of the Sentinel, A Dark Dream, A Call to Arms, Waves Crashing In, Loving Need, Sentinel Instincts, Justified Kill, A Change of Heart, Ghostly Whispers, Captive Hearts, Letters from a Life on the Run, Different Perspectives, Easily Proven, The Power of Suggestion, Echoes of the Past and Finding What Was Missing.


If you don't want the paper version you can download the novel (costs $8.00) or you can buy it on a CD for $12.00.

CD zine cover. Done by Lady Amarra. Thanks so much!

More information; read summeries of the stories hereCollapse )

I hope many of you will be interested in owning the zine and look forth to hearing from you.

Please forward a link or copy this message to any group, list or fandom interested person you know.

Note: The press, Requiem Publications, is located in the States; zines worldwide normally arrive within a few weeks weeks but can take up to 8 weeks to arrive.
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8th April 2009

12:41am: Alexander song vid - I will stand by you
A video showing the love between Alexander and Hephaistion. A companion piece to the video "You Needed Me" showing this love and sacrifice from Hephaistion's point of love (whereas the video "You Needed Me" showed the relationship from Alexander's point of view). Enjoy!

The song is "I'll Stand By You" by the Pretenders.

Alexander/Hephaistion - Ill Stand By You - Nadja Lee

Pure romantic fluff in this one. :)

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12:11am: 4th US state to grant equal marriage rights
Great news from the USA: Vermont joins Iowa, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in upholding the freedom to marry.

Now, if only California would get back on track....

Electing Obama certainly seem to have improved things; or else someone finally saw reason! :)
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6th April 2009

9:59am: Kirk/Spock vid: "Sometimes love just ain't enough"
Another Kirk/Spovk video. This one is set to the song "Sometimes love just ain't enough"


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4th April 2009

10:33pm: Equal marriage rights; good news from the USA!
A happy news from the USA; Iowa joins Massachusetts and Connecticut in ending the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage.

However, there is still a long way to go. Vermont is fighting for marriage equality in the courts now. Please join the fight here:

For more information on how to help go to Freedom To Marry http://www.freedomtomarry.org
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